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Doms Endodontics


General Information

Our Treatment Sequence
1. Consultation

Your visit will begin with a comprehensive examination and consultation.  We will do an oral examination and take diagnostic films to determine if root canal treatment is needed and if there are special treatment considerations in your case.  We will answer any questions you have at this time, and usually can perform the root canal therapy at this same appointment

2. Treatment

A local anesthetic is given and a rubber dam is placed to isolate your tooth.  Then an opening is painlessly made through the top of the tooth.  Instruments clean out and shape the inside of the root(s) of your tooth.  Then your tooth is sealed by placing a rubber-type material called gutta percha inside the canals. 

If the tooth has had a previous root canal treatment that is failing, we may be seeing you to retreat the tooth.  Retreatment involves removing the old leaking material, and then replacing it with new gutta percha.

3.  Follow-up Treatment

When your root canal treatment has been completed, it is important for you to contact your general dentist to provide a permanent restoration (usually a crown or filling) for your tooth.

Our office may want to examine your tooth periodically to see how it is healing.  There is no additional cost for this follow-up in our office.

Infection Control
Our office adheres to the highest standards of infection control, in accordance with the latest CDC, California Dental Board, and OSHA guidelines.  We use the most current technology to eliminate the risk of infection.
Post-operative Instructions

Please refer to our Post-Operative Sheet given to you at the end of your treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns following your treatment, please do not hesitate to call us. (530) 750-ENDO   750-3636.